• Cannon-Dozier Project

The Cannon-Dozier Project is an alcohol education and awareness program born out of the Mississippi District, and it is named in honor of dearly departed Brothers Adrian Cannon and Julius Dozier who were killed by a drunk driver. This program is designed to provide awareness to participants about the realities and dangers of alcohol consumption. Additionally, Cannon-Dozier Project has an internal risk management focus that is designed to mitigate risks associated with consumption of alcohol by brothers and when served at fraternal events.

In the spring of 2008, the lives of two of Alpha’s brightest Mississippi collegian’s were exterminated by a senseless and tragic vehicular accident – the result of someone striking their vehicle while driving under the influence of alcohol. These brothers were not intoxicated; a drunk driver killed them. As Brothers Cannon and Dozier have transitioned into our Omega chapter, their lives and legacies will continue to live on through this program, the result of the diligent work of their families, chapters, and district.

For More Information, Contact:
Brother Maurice D. Nelson
Cannon-Dozier Project Director

Program History

The Mississippi Alpha Network’s leadership team obtained permission from the victims’ families to implement the Cannon-Dozier Project. The purpose of this project is simple: Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated and supporters alike vowed that the loss of Brother’s Cannon and Dozier’s lives would not be in vain. The program commits to educating people about the dangers of alcohol abuse, especially driving under the influence of alcohol. The ultimate goal is to provide an educational and programming platform that SAVES LIVES!

With the families of Brothers Cannon and Dozier by our sides at the district convention on February 7, 2009, the Mississippi Alpha Network announced the Cannon-Dozier Project: An alcohol education and awareness campaign. At the time of the program’s announcement, Southern Region Vice President Brother Dr. Everett B. Ward and Assistant Regional Vice President Brother Tristan Allen announced the support and adoption of the project by the Southern Region. The program became and continues to be an “Alpha Week” mandate for Southern Region college chapters. All college chapter advisors are required to ensure that a form of the program is implemented as a community service to their campuses and surrounding areas.

The program is now managed by a Southern Region Cannon-Dozier Project Committee, which works with district representatives to ensure that the project is effectively implemented throughout the region.

Project Goals

  1. The educational goal of the Cannon-Dozier Project is to provide program participants with the following information:
    • Alcohol related statistics
    • Alcohol consumption facts and statistics
    • Legal parameters of alcohol consumption
    • Alcoholism
    • Progession and recovery
    • Best practices related to managing risk and with events that serve alcohol
    • Title IX implications and risk management best practices
    • The dangers of alcohol and underground pledging activities
  2. The program goal of the Cannon-Dozier Project is to help decrease regional and national alcohol related deaths by:
    •Achieving the program’s implementation through 100 percent of the Southern Region college chapters, annually
    • Establishing and maintaining working relationships between Alpha Phi Alpha and other regional and national alcohol education and awareness programs.
  3. The service goal of the Cannon-Dozier Project is to combine alcohol related death prevention efforts with victim services by:
    • Connecting CDP and Brother’s Keeper program components by working with the families of victims to aid in healing and other prevention efforts.

Program Implementation Instructions and Requirements

  1. All chapters are ​strongly encouraged to host a Cannon-Dozier Project program by March 1, 2020. This is a hard deadline.

  2. Chapter presidents should appoint a Cannon-Dozier Project Coordinator who will be responsible for ensuring the program’s implementation, as outlined in this curriculum guide. Each chapter’s chairman should regularly communicate with their respective district’s Cannon-Dozier representative, who will provide them with updates, new resources that may become available, implementation deadlines, the Cannon-Dozier PowerPoint presentation, and more. If a district Cannon-Dozier Project Coordinator is not available, please contact Brother Maurice Nelson directly.

Southern Region Cannon-Dozier Project Implementation Award

  1. In an effort to collect participation data and to develop a more robust implementation guide, the Southern Region Cannon-Dozier Project Committee asks that chapters complete and submit the chapter evaluation form (see Appendix A in the curriculum guide). The evaluation will provide the awards committee with information on how each chapter implemented their programs, resources used, participation numbers, participant feedback, overall outcome, and more. Evaluations are required to be submitted by March 1, 2020. This is a hard deadline.   

    Chapters are strongly encouraged to formally collect feedback from their program’s participants by having each person complete a participant evaluation form (see Appendix B in the curriculum guide). The form can be printed and completed by hand, or chapters can request the Google Form version for electronic submissions. Chapters are asked to submit their chapter and participant evaluations within one week of completing their program. The deadlines to implement the program and submit evaluations are the same, therefore if chapters wait until March 1 to have their program, their evaluation will be due that same day.

  2. To provide incentive to implement the program and to influence the most creative program styles, each chapter will use the completed evaluation forms that we will then use to determine a Southern Region Cannon-Dozier Project Implementation Award winner. The judge evaluation form (see Appendix C in the curriculum guide) will be used by the awards judges to score each submission and select the award winner at the Southern Region convention.
  3. After the 2020 regional convention, the awards format will change to district level competitions, then each district’s winner will compete at the regional level (much like the other regional awards).

Brothers Adrian (AJ) Cannon and Julius Dozier:

AJ Cannon

Brother Adrian (AJ) Cannon was a fall 2007 initiate through the Omicron Psi chapter seated at Delta State University. His leadership prowess was immediately recognized as he was quickly elected as president of the chapter. Brother Cannon was a native of New Albany, MS and graduated with honors from New Albany High School in 2006. At Delta State University, Brother Cannon majored in interdisciplinary studies and was a member of the “Pride of the Delta” Marching Band, the Wind Ensemble, and the Jazz Band.

Julius Dozier

Brother Julius Dozier was a fall 2007 initiate through the Nu Upsilon chapter seated at the University of Mississippi. He proudly served his chapter as the recording secretary and the step team captain. Brother Dozier was also a native of New Albany, MS and graduated with honors from New Albany High School in 2006 along with Brother Cannon. At the University of Mississippi, Brother Dozier majored in Business Marketing and was a member of the Ole Miss Gospel Choir and the Ole Miss Band.